Caleb Williams expresses confidence in future competition against Patrick MahomesCaleb Williams expresses confidence in future competition against Patrick Mahomes

Every time a new quarterback emerges, like Caleb Williams has this year, people wonder if he will be the one to slay Patrick Mahomes. Just a few years ago it was the generational Trevor Lawrence who was supposed to usurp him and now it is the presumptive favorite for the number one pick in this year’s NFL draft.

With the Chiefs creating a dynasty of their own and not looking at slowing down anytime soon, NFL observers are desperately searching for someone who can restore parity to the league.

And that is where the USC quarterback finds himself, as he has been often compared to the reigning Super Bowl MVP. Their playing styles have been deemed similar and Colin Cowherd took the chance to see if Caleb Williams feels the same.

The prospective top pick was not shy about the comparison with Patrick Mahomes and said that physically there is nothing the Chiefs quarterback does that he thinks he himself cannot do. He also said he respected the Kansas City star but hopes that when they get to finally compete against each other in the NFL, it will be a good battle between them. He remarked,
“Everybody gets crazy when I say that, the things that he does physically, obviously I’m not Patrick Mahomes and I’m not in his brain, but things that he does physically that I don’t think that I can’t do. So I call respect and, hopefully soon I’ll be able to see him and go against him and have a good battle between him.”

Patrick Mahomes had an advantage that Caleb Williams is unlikely to get

Caleb Williams is likely to be picked first overall by the Chicago Bears, with the view that he will become the immediate starter since they have traded away Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers. When Patrick Mahomes was picked in the 2017 NFL Draft, he sat behind Alex Smith for a year and got a chance to get his eyes in.

Caleb Williams is unlikely to have that luxury. And that can often put too much pressure on a rookie quarterback. Bryce Young is a current example of that. In fact, if we go back to the year when the Chiefs picked Mahomes, the Bears selected the first quarterback in that draft too.

They spent the second-overall pick on Mitch Trubisky. He replaced Mike Glennon as the starting quarterback in his very first season. Despite some encouraging early performances and a Pro Bowl nod in 2018, it is fair to say that his career path is lagging some way behind the Kansas City star.