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Jackson Mahomes is trying to navigate his tough times with close ones. The younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Jackson, has recently concluded a legal case.

Earlier this year, prosecutors dropped three charges against Jackson, according to the court records. And now, a recent update in the case is out, that the TikTok star has “pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor battery charge in Kansas City on Thursday.” Meanwhile, just a few hours after his plea, Jackson is seen having quality time with his female friend.

Respite after a long time?

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A recent Instagram story posted by Patrick’s brother, Jackson Mahomes, about an hour ago depicted his night out with his one female friend. In the shared pictures, Jackson is seen sporting gray-colored outfits, matching them with his friend, named, “Maddie.” The two could be seen posing for the photos, and hugging each other with a bright smile in the night backdrop. The two friends looked visibly happy, embracing each other’s strong bond.

In another photo, they are seen posing holding each other’s hand, relaxing in a restaurant. The location of the restaurant is exactly unknown, but multiple reports suggest that they are enjoying each other’s company in KC in the evening. Maddie goes by the name “maddz.p.thompson” on her Instagram account.

As of now, no further update on the relationship between the two, and Maddie’s background has not been revealed yet. However, considering her IG account, Maddie is the mother of one.

Whatever the relation between the two might be, it’s clear that Jackson has somewhat got a sign of relief from his legal procedures.

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What was the judgment?

Jackson Mahomes has been sentenced to six months of unsupervised probation after entering a no-contest plea for a simple battery charge. This legal solution comes approx. a year after the TikTok star faced charges of three counts of aggravated assault battery and one count of battery filed by the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office in May 2023.

Jackson’s attorney, Brandan Davies, expressed gratitude for the support received, confirmed the no-contest plea, and stated that Jackson is eager to put the case behind him and move forward with his life.

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And willing to live his legal-free life, it seems Jackson has already started to celebrate his time with his friend, Maddie, and others, exploring KC.