Joe Montana, the preeminent quarterback, has surprisingly tipped his hat to another legend — Tom Brady. Montana himself is a four-time Super Bowl champion with the San Francisco 49ers and has many more accolades to his name. In a recent video, he was asked to compare and rank some of the league’s top quarterbacks. Much to the surprise of many, he placed Brady above several renowned names in the field.

While some may have questioned Montana’s earlier opinion on Brady, his recent comment demystifies it. He placed Brady on top, even tying with one of his favorite QBs. This praise from the Hall of Famer adds further weight to Brady’s already impressive resume and stats.

Joe Montana ranks some of the best NFL quarterbacks

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Joe Montana and Tom Brady are undoubtedly legendary quarterbacks. However, rumors suggest Montana might not fully appreciate Brady’s greatness. Some believe it stings for Montana that Brady surpassed his achievements. Noticeably, he often named Dan Marino the best QB. However, a recent video puts these rumors to rest.

When asked to rank the five quarterbacks, Montana placed Aaron Rodgers third, Patrick Mahomes and Peyton Manning tied for second. When it came to Marino, he excitedly declared, “I love Danny!” putting him at the top. But the suspense wasn’t over. For Brady, he jokingly said, “10…no, I’m kidding,” before placing him first alongside Marino. While Brady’s fans rejoice in this recognition, questions linger about his superiority over others, notably Peyton Manning.

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Is Tom Brady better than Manning and Mahomes?

Patrick Mahomes‘ rise has sparked conversation about all-time great quarterbacks in recent memory. In just six seasons, he’s led the Kansas City Chiefs to a dominant 75-24 record and a series of AFC championship appearances, putting him ahead of contemporaries like Aaron Rodgers. However, he is not quite comparable to Tom Brady. The former Patriots and Buccaneers QB holds the undisputed title of “greatest winner” in NFL history. His seven Super Bowl victories, with five MVP awards to boot, dwarf any other player or franchise. Only names like Dan Marino and Peyton Manning can quite match his impressive win rate.