LeBron James is undoubtedly the best player of his era and probably the best. But when it comes to being a game-changer, the Lakers’ King James bows down to his longtime rival Steph Curry.

During the first episode of his Mind the Game podcast with J.J. Redick, LeBron admitted that Curry changed how basketball is played with his otherworldly shooting ability, emphasizing that no game is over until the final buzzer sounds.

“I believe in’ 08/09, whenever that little light-skinned f***** came in the league that’s in Golden State, he changed that whole narrative. He single-handedly changed the ‘no lead is safe.’ It’s like Pat Mahomes right now.” said James.

It ain’t over until Steph says so

The conversation began with Redick telling LeBron that when he was still a newbie in the league, he would only get playing time once his team was up by 19 points in the fourth quarter because the game was already beyond reach. However, that is no longer the case today.

With Curry’s ability to knock down the three-pointer, no lead is insurmountable against the Warriors for as long as there is still time on the clock. During Golden State’s run to four NBA championships, we saw the Warriors erase huge leads quickly because of Curry’s incredible shooting ability.

Meanwhile, Mahomes also has the same reputation in the NFL, orchestrating improbable comebacks for the Kansas City Chiefs. The three-time Super Bowl winner is known for turning dire situations into winning plays with his creativity and uncanny passing skills. Like Curry’s Warriors, the Chiefs are also building a dynasty in the NFL.

Mahomes also compared himself to Steph, not Michael Jordan

Interestingly, Mahomes himself also compared himself to Steph. During his appearance on the New Heights podcast with Travis and Jason Kelce back in 2022, the Chiefs quarterback said he wants to leave the game with the same legacy that Curry has built in the NBA.

“I hate talking about myself, but my favorite one is the Steph one because I feel like Steph brought a different style of basketball to the game, and I want to try to bring it to where it’s not quarterback, that’s what I’ve tried to do is make it where everybody can play it in different ways,” said Mahomes.

Numerous fans would say that the GOATS of basketball and football are Michael Jordan and Tom Brady. However, when it comes to the players who revolutionized their sports and won on their own terms, Curry and Mahomes are arguably on top of the list.