LeBron James mentioned Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes in new podcast

Mind the Game Pod with LeBron James and J.J. Reddick

There will always be NFL fans complaining about the amount of attention the Kansas City Chiefs get, but when you win three Super Bowls in five years and make the AFC Championship game every single year, you deserve to get a ton of attention. Then you add in the fact that the Chiefs also have the best player in the world, who is already in the conversation as one of the best players ever to play in Patrick Mahomes.

When you have two former basketball players talking about the NBA, and they mention Mahomes in that conversation, you know you’re doing something right.

LeBron James and J.J. Reddick were conversing about the game of basketball today and how it has changed so much over the years. James mentioned that when he first came into the league, if a team was up 17 points with eight minutes left, they just cleared their benches because that other team was likely not going to come back. That’s when they brought up Mahomes.

“You can’t do that anymore, you know why? I believe that in 08′, 09′, whenever that little light-skinned f***er came into the league in Golden State, he changed that whole narrative,” James said on his show. “He single-handily changed the fact that no lead was safe. It’s like Pat Mahomes right now.”

Patrick Mahomes has literally become the king of comebacks. In the 2019 playoffs, the Chiefs won every single game, including the Super Bowl, by overcoming a ten-point deficit, including their 20-point comeback over the Houston Texans, which saw them win by 20.

In the last two Super Bowls, against both the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers, Mahomes has won them after he trailed in the game. James is comparing the NBA and never thinks the game is truly over until that buzzer sounds to the best quarterback in the NFL, who has made a comeback win his signature move.