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Tom Brady bowed out of the NFL last February at the age of 45, as the undisputed GOAT. But, just one year later, his legacy of a record seven Super Bowl titles is already being inched closer by another QB. Patrick Mahomes has won 3 Super Bowls for the Kansas City Chiefs. This feat made them the NFL’s first repeat champions since Tom Brady and the New England Patriots accomplished nearly two decades ago (2003 and 2004 seasons).

When Brady was in charge, the Patriots did amazingly well. However, after he left, the team struggled to find someone good enough to replace him, causing their performance to worsen and leading to some disappointing seasons. Recalling this stark difference in the performance, the recent episode of the “First Things First” podcast dwelled into speculating that Mahomes could lead the Chiefs to sustained success, mirroring Brady’s impact on the Patriots.

The hosts also discussed how specific teams performed well for a couple of seasons and then started declining. That’s when Chris Broussard told the other hosts, Nick Wright and Kevin Wildes, “After the Steelers had that great run in the 70s, they only made the four playoffs four times in the 80s. After the 9ners had that great run in the ’80s and early ’90s. From 1999 to like 2010 they made the playoffs twice okay. And, Dallas we know after they won their Super Bowls, it was about 20 years of mostly mediocre play and a couple of decent seasons.”

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Tom Brady’s departure from the New England Patriots marked a seismic shift for the franchise, plunging it into a period of uncertainty and decline. The success of the Kansas City Chiefs under Mahomes fueled comparisons to the Patriots’ dynasty era. Mahomes’ exceptional talent and leadership have propelled the Chiefs to multiple playoff appearances and a Super Bowl victory, establishing them as one of the league’s premier teams. But Chris Broussard warned the Kansas City Chiefs could face a similar situation. He said, “It will happen to Chiefs when Mahomes leaves but it’s about to happen to y’all”.

Tom’s exit from the Patriots left a glaring void, exposing the team’s struggle to find a worthy successor and triggering a string of lackluster seasons. In that span, the Patriots made the playoffs just once, which came in 2021 when they finished 10-7 and fell to the Buffalo Bills in the wild card. New England has also posted a losing record in three of the last four seasons, hitting rock bottom at 4-13 in 2023.

The New England Patriots’ decision to sign Jacoby Brissett, a seasoned quarterback generated significant buzz among NFL analysts and fans alike. Brissett’s extensive experience in the league, including stints with multiple teams over the past four seasons, brings a wealth of knowledge and versatility to the Patriots’ locker room. His familiarity with the Patriots’ system, having started his career with the team in 2016, could provide a seamless transition and valuable depth behind center.

While Brissett’s past success as a starter with the Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns suggests he has the potential to compete for the starting job, concerns persist about his long-term viability as the Patriots’ quarterback solution. Despite the optimism surrounding Brissett’s return to New England, skepticism remains regarding whether he can fill the void left by Tom Brady’s departure and lead the Patriots back to their former glory.

While Brissett’s veteran presence and leadership qualities may offer stability in the short term, questions persist about his ability to elevate the team’s performance to championship levels. Furthermore, with the NFL landscape constantly evolving and teams continually seeking the next generation of elite quarterbacks, the Patriots’ reliance on a journeyman like Brissett may be viewed as a temporary fix rather than a sustainable long-term solution.

Meanwhile, can Mahomes replicate Brady’s legendary impact?

Mahomes and Brady are closer than we think

With the Kansas City Chiefs’ overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers in Sunday’s Super Bowl LVIII, quarterback Patrick Mahomes is inching closer to the playoff success that was thought unattainable when authored by Brady as the leader of the New England Patriots.

The Patriots selected Brady in the sixth round of the 2000 draft out of Michigan and the rest, as they say, is history. Taking a closer look, one could argue that Mahomes is off to an even faster start than Brady. At age 28:

Super Bowl Victories: Brady 3, Mahomes 3.

Super Bowl MVPs: Brady 2, Mahomes 3.

AFC Championship Games: Brady 3, Mahomes 6.

AFC Championships: Brady 3, Mahomes 4.

NFL MVP Awards: Brady 0, Mahomes 2.

All-Pro Teams: Brady 1, Mahomes 3.

Regular-Season Record: Brady 70-24, Mahomes 72-22.

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TD Passes: Brady 167, Mahomes 258.

Interceptions: Brady 87, Mahomes 69.

During Brady’s tenure with the Patriots, he led them to 17 AFC East titles, nine AFC championships, and six Super Bowl titles. The 46-year-old also earned three MVP awards, four Super Bowl MVPs, two Offensive Player of the Year awards, 14 Pro Bowl selections and three First-Team All-Pro nods with the Patriots.

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Mahomes has been the Chiefs’ starter for six years. Mahomes plays in a much more pass-oriented league and operates under creative Andy Reid rather than conservative Belichick. Brady and ‘Showtime’ have had dynamic receivers (Randy Moss/Tyreek Hill) and world-class tight ends (Rob Gronkowski/Travis Kelce).

A year ago, Mahomes dreamed of chasing Brady before Super Bowl LVII. He said, “I’m trying to catch Tom. But Tom’s a long ways away. You can ask me when I’m like 38 years old.” The Kansas City Chiefs, under the dynamic leadership of the QB, have emerged as formidable contenders, poised for dynasty status akin to Brady‘s Patriots.