Patrick Mahomes is sure wife Brittany can Patrick Mahomes is sure wife Brittany can ‘nudge’ Taylor Swift into attending KC Current’s game at historic $117,000,000 stadium

Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany might have a plan in place to get Taylor Swift in Kansas City again.

This time, however, to support their own team: the Kansas City Current.

Celebrating the KC Current’s 5-4 win against the Portland Thorns, Brittany and Patrick Mahomes were ecstatic. The couple was seen celebrating at the CPKC Stadium, the National Women’s Soccer League’s (NWSL) brand-new venue worth $117 million boasting capacity of 11,500 people.

Taylor Swift being added to the mix will only bring more attention the NWSL, along with their stadium and Mahomes’ team, the KC Current.

While talking to SportsCenter on Saturday (via Bleacher Report), Patrick Mahomes said:
“We might get her here at some point, she’s a busy woman and Travis is a busy guy. So, maybe during season or something like that we’ll get her out to a Kansas City Current game. She loves supporting Kansas City just like we do and I’m sure Brittany can nudge her and get her here pretty easily.”

Brittany, who agreed to take responsibility on getting Taylor Swift to the game, said:
“That’s definitely on me, that’s definitely on me. I’ll work on it, I will work on it.”
Beginning with Swift’s maiden appearance at a Kansas City Chiefs game at the Arrowhead Stadium, the pop singer has continued to form a close relationship with Brittany while supporting the Chiefs.

Swift continued to support the Chiefs throughout the year, even cheering them on during the Super Bowl in February.

Currently busy with her upcoming album release and Eras Tour dates, we might get to see Swift at a game once her schedule clears up.

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany went wild with celebration at KC Current’s game

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes seemed to have felt every moment at the recent KC Current victory. The Super Bowl champion seemed to pick up Brittany in excitement, as they both cheered for the team. Mahomes’ brother Jackson was also present at the game.

Also tweeting about the game, Mahomes wrote:

“This game is wild!!!”

As the NWSL season begins, one can expect more appearances from Mahomes and Brittany.