On Monday, Patrick Mahomes’ longtime trainer, Bobby Stroupe, shared to Instagram a spirited behind-the-scenes video of the Kansas City Chiefs QB’s strenuous off-season workouts. The video shows Mahomes to be in top condition, putting any negative talk of his so-called “dad bod” to bed.

Stroupe captioned the post: “Current training goals: Pattern stability. Force absorption. Force transmission.”

The montage shows Mahomes engaging in a variety of exercises, all of which are tailored to enhance Mahomes’ game performance. He works on absorption and transmission of force using medicine balls, redirecting his energy by catching the ball and bringing it swiftly to the ground; and flexes his core power with cable push pulls.

Mahomes is also seen participating in a drill where he begins on his back before springing up into a standing position and sprinting off. Near the end, he’s seen pulling hundreds of pounds in a bar deadlift.

“Muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascial structures respond specifically to certain training modalities,” Stroupe explained. “Not every exercise or intent optimizes each tissue. We are not muscle coaches. Target tissues,” the trainer advised.

Fans were roundly impressed by Mahomes’ regimen, weighing in with support for the football star. “One of the best to teach it, coach it, and learn from,” wrote Instagram user @fftstrong. “Appreciate you, my guy.”

“You never stop!!!” wrote @victorialynn1993, tagging Mahomes. “Can’t wait for this season!!!”

“I can’t wait to fail miserably at recreating this workout on my own today,” joked @oobonds816. “Great work, fellas!”

Perhaps in the biggest compliment of any, Marca compared Mahomes’ flexibility during his workout to that of LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne.

Mahomes has a few more months to prepare for the NFL’s next season. The Kansas City Chiefs won’t begin practicing until July 23.