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The Kansas City Chiefs are seeking reparations for their wide receiver department, and they finally took the first step by signing Marquise Brown to the roster this year. Till now, a lot had been riding on Rashee Rice, but no more. The Chiefs’ new receiver is excited to be a part of the team and feels like he can do a lot more with this offense. Moreover, Patrick Mahomes has confidence in the new addition to the side!

In the wake of this signing, Mahomes spoke to the media about their new prospect and slid in a jab at Travis Kelce. Though it was some colorful banter, everybody including the QB got a laugh out of it. Kelce completed 10 seasons with the Chiefs and Mahomes didn’t hold back on the “old guy” jokes.

Initially, the Chiefs star QB was talking about Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown. He praised his commitment and believed that the WR can make the Chiefs even stronger. A Fox Reporter helped get this funny snippet out. His post on X said, “For sad #Chiefs fans, listen to Patrick Mahomes talk about Hollywood Brown..”You can tell he wants it. He wants to win.”

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The former Cardinals receiver has impressed the Super Bowl-winning QB. Mahomes stated that Brown is “hungry” and that “he wants to win.” The QB also attested to Brown’s drive as him wanting to be a “part of something special.” Mahomes mentioned that the Chiefs are trying to build something on the line of “greatness.”

For sad #Chiefs fans, listen to Patrick Mahomes talk about Hollywood Brown..

“You can tell he wants it. He wants to win.”

— PJ Green (@PJGreenTV) March 23, 2024



“We believe that we’ve started it (building greatness) but we want to continue it. We still have a young team, other than Trav, and so if we continue to build this with a lot of people that are hungry and want to win, we think we can keep this thing going.” Mahomes looked at the camera like he was personally addressing the statement to Kelce.

His expression made it feel like the age joke was a running banter between the two. But despite the experienced presence of Travis Kelce, the Chiefs offense is no short of young talent. And Brown is here to make sure that he plays a positive role in the same!

Did Marquise Brown get the golden ticket to the Super Bowl?

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The WR mentioned that in his past tenure with the Ravens and the Cardinals, he wasn’t able to showcase his full potential due to some reason or other. He felt like his new team will give him enough flexibility to showcase his talent.

“I feel like I can affect all three levels of the game — short, intermediate, and deep. I feel like [at] times in Baltimore and in Arizona I showed facets of things that I could do but not on a consistent basis. So I feel here guys are interchangeable. We can complement each other and that way the best can come out of everyone,” said the WR in an ESPN interview.

“I knew that if I was to come here it could be a big impact for the team and [bring] some element that they need,” added Brown about coming to the Chiefs. He also stated his intentions about Patrick Mahomes by saying, “You want to play with somebody that’s going to bring the best out of you, that’s going to push your game to the next level,” and added, “And I feel like he’s definitely one of those type of guys.”

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Marquise Brown seems like a step in the right direction for the KC side for the new season and they will hope for this decision along with others to work in their favor!