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Patrick Mahomes has cemented his legacy as one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. And his mother, Randi Mahomes, recently revealed that he was always a force of nature. Not only that, she also revealed how a young Patrick stunned the MLB superstars!

Mahomes’ father Patrick Mahomes Sr., the former pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, was in the company of baseball players. And it is here Randi lets a young Patrick start his dream of throwing and catching balls. And Mahomes’ love affair with baseball would eventually turn into a football superstardom!

Patrick Mahomes has been throwing for years!

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The 3X Super Bowl winner Patrick Mahomes has dazzled the opponents and fans alike with his throwing skills on the field. And his mother Randi talks about his younger days, when this obsession started for the Kansas City Chiefs superstar.

“Everything to him was a ball”, said Randi on the ‘Got It From My Momma Podcast’. However, the pro-MLB players wanted to know the secret of Mahomes’ love with the ball and the field. “Some of the really big-name players… they would say how do you get your son to do this”, said Randi.

It was then it dawned on Randi that maybe Patrick is a special kid, unlike others. Mahomes’ love for the game of baseball continued till his sophomore year in college. And it even led to him getting drafted by the MLB!

A baseball career left behind

Even though Mahomes did not follow in his father’s footsteps. He had started making a name for himself in the earlier days of his baseball career. The 2X NFL MVP competed in the 2010 Junior League World Series.


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But as his commitment to football grew stronger, he left his baseball days behind him. But that did not stop the Detroit Tigers from drafting him in 2014 in the 37th round.

Congratulations to #Tigers 2014 37th-round pick Patrick Mahomes on winning MVP of his football game.

— Detroit Tigers (@tigers) February 3, 2020


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And football fans across the world are thankful for Mahomes choosing the sport of gridiron. Do you think Patrick Mahomes would have dominated in MLB too? Well, the answer to that will remain unknown as the superstar QB is well settled in his football career.