Mike Trout and his family are making the most of their free time ahead of the next 162-game schedule that begins this month. The outfielder is now working out at Tempe Diablo Stadium with the LA Angels. But his kid Beckham went to the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium in Arizona with his mother, Jessica.

Jessica posted sweet photos of Beckham interacting with animals and birds on Instagram.

She wrote, “What a wonderful afternoon,” in the narrative.

In Photos: Mike Trout's wife Jessica shares son Beckham's joyful animal  encounters at the zoo

Mike Trout got married in 2017 to Jessica, his high school sweetheart. On July 30, 2020, the couple welcomed Beckham into the world.

Using the outside noise as motivation to win, Mike Trout Anaheim

In addition to having had his best season yet, Mike Trout also missed half of it because of a fracture to his left hamate bone. In addition, the MVP of the LA Angels, Shohei Ohtani, left the team in free agency and signed with the Dodgers across town.

In addition to having a $426.5 million, 12-year contract, Trout is also bound by a no-trade clause, which prevents him from being traded until he waives it. Though many had assumed he would, Trout is unwilling to take the “easy way out.”

In Photos: Mike Trout's wife Jessica shares son Beckham's joyful animal  encounters at the zoo

Trout recently stated that he is dedicated to remaining and succeeding here and that he is aware of the trade rumors in an interview with Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic.

It gives me more energy. When we succeed here, I will feel more satisfied overall than if I went somewhere else.Thus, people are free to say anything they want when I hear things like, “Trout needs to get traded,” or “He’s happy to be there.” One thing is all that’s on my mind. That’s attempting to prevail in this situation.”

Mike Trout is following in the footsteps of his hero, Derek Jeter, who spent his whole playing career with the New York Yankees, even if the Angels don’t seem like World Series contenders.

Mike Trout's wife Jessica shares moments from adorable 'lunch date' with  son Beckham

“We must prevail. That seems like a major component. As Trout put it, “I want to win.” “I mentioned it in an interview a few weeks ago; I could go that path when the trade negotiations come up.

“I would undoubtedly need to consider that decision. I haven’t given any of that any thought yet. I believe this team’s drive to succeed outweighs all of that.

Trout’s desire to win in Anaheim takes precedence over all other considerations, but it’s not like he’s closed off to the thought of a trade.