Blake Snell remains a free agent with Opening Day just weeks away. While Snell’s market has picked up in recent weeks, his preferred choice — as well as which teams are interested in the Cy Young winner — is a bit of a mystery. ESPN’s Buster Olney shed some light on Snell’s thinking this week.

Snell and his agent Scott Boras drive a hard bargain. He’s reportedly received interest from the San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees this winter, but both teams seem unwilling to match his asking price, even on a short-term deal.

Blake Snell's instagram story hints deal is close as free agency rumors  swirl

Social media must always be taken at face value, but Snell’s recent Instagram story would suggest movement on the free-agent market.

There are plenty of teams which need starting pitching help. Boras’s strategy in waiting this late into the offseason is essentially hoping for desperation. Injuries often occur in spring training which could spur action from a big-market contender.

MLB insider floating last-minute Snell and Montgomery destination

The Angels and Giants are favored to make such a move, barring an unexpected team entering the fray. Mike Trout didn’t hide his feelings regarding the Angels inaction this winter, and stated there are plenty of players still available who could help the team win now, even without Shohei Ohtani.

Blake Snell rumors: Yankees have offer on table, but two West Coast teams  remain in mix for Cy Young winner : r/NYYankees

As for the Giants, the front office maintains that they are done spending. However, adding Snell would help San Francisco contend in the same division as the superteam Los Angeles Dodgers. Without him, their rotation will have to outperform expectations.

Snell could be playing us all for fools, but at some point he’ll have to pick a team. Right?