Sun, sand, and…suspense? Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce and their romantic Bahamian vacation has become the talk of the tinsel town. Tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the lovebirds took to the sand for a tropical escape. As photos and videos of the romantic getaway spread across the internet, one particular clip caught everyone’s attention. It shows a couple lounging on a beach swing, but then abruptly cuts to them taking an unexpected fall. People are claiming that the couple is none other than Travis and Taylor but is that true?

Internet debates authenticity of video purportedly showing Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s beach mishap(Picture: Via X)Did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce really fall from swing?

Blurry vacation photos of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have the internet buzzing over their authenticity. While some images clearly show the couple enjoying a romantic getaway, others are blurry, leading to confusion. Now, a new video that claims to capture the A-listers on the beach has surfaced. However, fans are unconvinced, arguing the couple in the videos doesn’t resemble the NFL star and pop icon.

Fact Check: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Were Supposedly Recorded Falling  Off Swing In Bahamas. Here's the Truth - Yahoo Sports

A Twitter account called Poo Crave shared a short video of a couple, a woman who looked a lot like Taylor Swift in a bikini and a man whom they labeled as Travis Kelce. Their swing adventure abruptly ended as they plunged into the water during their first attempt. Since Taylor was wearing the same-style bikini in previous pictures, people really took the video as the couple’s original video; however, that’s not the case.

Fake clip claiming to show Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce falling off a  romantic swing in the Bahamas racks up 8 MILLION views on social media -  after couple were snapped enjoying

“If you think that’s Travis Kelce I have a bridge to sell you.” A fan wrote on Instagram, backed by thousands of similar retweets. While the couple sported similar clothing to the famous duo, it’s not uncommon for people to dress like that on the beach. Fans argued that the man looked no way like Kelce. A user even pointed out that the video is actually very old and dates back to 2018.