Jason and Travis Kelce have shared some details about the special event they plan to host right before the live recording of their New Heights podcast next month.

The Kelce brothers said they are excited to bring their hit podcast to the University of Cincinnati on April 11. Both Jason and Travis played college football for the Cincinnati Bearcats before launching their professional football careers. With Jason newly retired from the NFL and Travis enjoying some down time after his third Super Bowl win with the Kansas City Chiefs, both brothers appeared excited to have found a way to involve college students with their upcoming event.

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During a new podcast episode that dropped on Wednesday, March 20, the former Philadelphia Eagles center explained that the special event will be called the Great Lombaby Games. The event was named after the Vince Lombaby Trophy, the award Jason and Travis unveiled earlier this year for another of their podcast’s competitions. The name of that large golden trophy, which is shaped like a baby, was inspired by the Super Bowl’s iconic Vince Lombardi Trophy.

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Jason excitedly shared the source of his idea for the Great Lombaby Games, which will see University of Cincinnati students face off in a series of competitions. The podcast’s official Instagram account also shared a clip of Jason’s event description this week. Details regarding what the competitions will involve have not yet been revealed.

“In honor of the golden baby trophy, the Vince Lombaby, we are going to have a little competition,” Jason said. He explained that “one of the beautiful things” about hosting a live podcast recording at a university was the opportunity to embrace the college atmosphere and involve some students on campus.

“We are going to have two teams of UC students,” the former NFL player continued. “I’m not going to lie: I got this idea from Revenge of the Nerds, football team versus the nerds.” He quickly clarified that he wasn’t calling nonathletic people “nerds.”

“I’m a nerd at heart,” Travis jumped in to declare.

Jason agreed, saying he, too, is “definitely a nerd.”

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The event will feature two teams, one of which will be comprised of the university’s student-athletes. Jason said he believes the academic squad should be called “Team Nerds,” despite his earlier clarification about his use of the term.

“We cannot wait to unveil these fun games that we have planned,” Jason said. “It’s going to be ridiculous.”

An event description on the university’s website further clarified what the Great Lombaby Games will involve.

“In a contest of both brains and brawn, this friendly competition will be overseen by the Kelce brothers who will act as commentators and referees for each event,” the event description explained. “The team with the most points at the end will be crowned the winner of the first-ever Great Lombaby Games.”

The live recording of the Kelce brothers’ podcast will follow the student competition.