The Boston Red Sox are likely in for a tough season.

The team finished in last place in the AL East in 2023 and didn’t do much to improve its roster for 2024. To make matters worse, Lucas Giolito, who was their only major signing, is likely out for the season with an elbow injury.

Fortunately for Giolito, he was able to avoid Tommy John surgery, and instead had an internal brace placed in his elbow to repair the partially torn UCL.

Red Sox RHP Lucas Giolito could miss season with UCL tear: Report - The  Athletic

This means his timeline for recovery is going to be different. But how?

A 2022 article from the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy outlined the typical recovery period for a pitcher who undergoes this type of surgery. On average it takes 20-24 weeks, with a different build up and the addition of new strength exercises each week.

Lucas Giolito avoids Tommy John: What's his recovery timeline now?

However, it does depend largely on the progress the athlete who underwent the surgery makes in the allotted time period. In all likelihood, Giolito will miss the entire 2024 season, but should be ready to go by the time spring training rolls around in 2025.

Lucas Giolito, battling guilt over injury, but determined to start 2025 on  time -

This is likely the best-case scenario for the Red Sox and for Giolito at this point. However, Boston will be without their major offseason addition for the vast majority of the season at the very least.

This may mean that the Red Sox will be forced to add another arm in free agency. Pitchers such as Jordan Montgomery remain available. Boston has been in contact with the left-hander, who has spent the offseason in Boston with his wife working at a hospital located in the city.