According to Footballco CEO Jason Wagenheim, Messi’s influence on American football is no less than that of the talented couple Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift who are influencing the NFL (American football).

“I think to some extent, what Messi has done for American football fans is similar to what Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have done for the recent wave of women flocking to watch the NFL,” Mr. Jason Wagenheim, CEO of Footballco company, said.

Messi has created a huge impact on American football since arriving here in July 2023

Footballco is a media company headquartered in London (UK), specializing in building information portals and sports market research , with the goal of targeting the next generation of audiences.

Recently, NFL player Travis Kelce announced his relationship with famous pop singer Taylor Swift, creating a wave of teenage girls flocking to watch the NFL. According to Footballco studies, the number of viewers watching the NFL has increased by 53%. Among them, the audience group aged 18-24 increased by 24%.

This is considered an effect brought by Taylor Swift, as this female singer has a huge fan base. Therefore, when the idol publicly announced her relationship with player Travis Kelce, it also brought this female singer’s fan base to the NFL.

This event also caused much debate in American sports. Many questions arise, does the NFL (the No. 1 sport in America) need to have Taylor Swift to attract the audience? However, many people also support the relationship of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, saying that it is true love, and the resonance from this love affects the NFL bringing many positive things.

The talented couple Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are causing a stir in American sports and entertainment

“Meanwhile, since Messi came to America, he has created a huge impact on football here and reached a new level. Messi’s presence has attracted a large number of celebrities and fans. come to fill stadiums across America, and wherever Inter Miami Club plays,” Mr. Jason Wagenheim expressed.

“This year, America will be the focus of world football when it hosts the 2024 Copa America. Next, will be the FIFA Club World Cup 2025 and World Cup 2026. Messi will be the center of attention at the events. Messi’s impact on American football will also be compared to what Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have done for the NFL in particular and American sports in general. In a survey conducted by Footballco, with the power The attraction from Messi has shown that up to 90% of American fans are satisfied when Copa America 2024 is held in the US,” Mr. Jason Wagenheim shared.