Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes traveled to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico earlier this week with his family and showed off the “dad bod” that has led him to three Super Bowl victories.

Mahomes, 28, went viral during the playoffs when he gave the team a speech while shirtless. Fans and members of the media joked about his “dad bod,” though the QB claimed it was just a bad angle.

Patrick Mahomes shows off his 'dad bod' while on a beach vacation in Mexico  | Marca

His wife, Brittany Mahomes, shared a picture of Patrick’s massive back resting on her legs and BACKGRID caught him shirtless at the beach.

Mahomes is a football player, not a model or bodybuilder. He needs some extra pounds on him during the season to soften the blows.

Patrick Mahomes Unleashes Dad Bod As Brittany Fights Injury In Mexico

This is not the first time Patrick takes his family on a vacation to Cabo and any time he shares a shirtless photo, media outlets have a field day criticizing him for one reason or another.

Patrick looks great and is an elite athlete who takes care of his body like no other, except maybe for Tom Brady, another man criticized over physical attributes.

After Wild Vegas Parties, Patrick Mahomes' 'Dad Bod' Goes Viral Alongside  Injured Wife Brittany During Vacation in Mexico - EssentiallySports

As is customary during their family vacation, Patrick hit a local golf course in Cabo with a view of the ocean. The Mahomes were accompanied by another couple who also have small children.