Paul Rudd recalled the time he hugged Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl which was also attended by his girlfriend Taylor Swift.

On February 11, the Kansas City Chiefs won against the San Francisco 49ers with a thrilling 25-22 overtime win.

Paul Rudd Recalls 'Unreal' Super Bowl Hug With Travis Kelce And Reveals His  Inner Swiftie

A longtime fan of Travis’ team, Paul recalled the anxiety he had throughout the game.

“If I did help the win at all, it was because I didn’t mess with all of the things that I had set around because I’m superstitious. And I think the collective superstitions of all fans probably helped contribute to that win. But you know, I’m a big fan of that team and I have been my whole life,” he said in an interview with MTV.

However, the Ant-Man actor believes that watching Travis win the game was “truly the greatest feeling.”

Paul Rudd recalls hugging 'the greatest' Travis Kelce at Super Bowl

“When they won, it was pure elation. It really is truly the greatest feeling. And I was there with my kid and he’s feeling the same way, and to share that with him,” Paul said, adding that getting to hug the tight was like a cherry on top.

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“Travis Kelce is the greatest guy, he really is. He’s been involved in a charity of ours in Kansas City for years and years … And then to get to hug Travis Kelce right after a Super Bowl win. It just makes no sense. It’s unreal,” Paul said.