Simu took to the stage at the 96th Oscars – so keeping fuelled would have been essential.

But the actor scored the pretzels and sweets stashed under the audience members’ seat just three out of 10.
Of the Governors Ball party's food display, Simu rated it 11/10, saying that it had Wagyu beef and Peking duck
Host Jimmy Kimmel was responsible for the array of ceremony snacks,claiming he wanted to make sure no one went hungry.

Sharing a snap of the snack box on Instagram, Jimmy said: ‘We don’t like it when people are hungry, so Jimmy provided snacks for everyone at the #Oscars and included a donation to the @LAfoodbank for each one!’

However, the box was Simu’s worst rated food of the night.

He wrote: ‘Oscars (3/10): Jimmy stashed some soft pretzel and sour patch kids under our seats.

‘It wasn’t glamorous but did its job.’

The gold standard of award ceremony food, the Governors Ball party’s offering for 2024 was absolutely no exception.

Countless chocolate desserts moulded into the shape of Oscar statues accompanied an array of extravagant food.

Simu raved: ‘Gov ball (11/10): This was insane. wood-fired pizzas, paella, Wagyu, sliders, PEKING DUCK?!?’

‘I did nothing but inhale food the whole time.’

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Iberico ham, pot pies, tacos, fresh pasta and burger sliders were just some of the elevated comfort delicacies on offer at the party.

The food was provided for the ball by Wolfgang Puck Catering – who were also in charge of last year’s delicacies.

Some of the favourite dishes on offer were

Chocolate Oscars sprayed with edible gold Piña Colada rum babas, Grand Marnier chocolate

cigars with smoking ashes, black truffle chicken pot pies, and smoked salmon Oscars.