Shohei Ohtani, an offseason acquisition of the Los Angeles Dodgers, will lead New Balance’s upcoming worldwide campaign. The Japanese two-way phenomenon inked a contract with the corporation in January 2023, marking the beginning of the relationship between the two sides.

Ohtani will be the face of the American brand’s ‘We Got Now’ 2024 worldwide campaign, which will launch in March, according to Dodgers Nation.
Mid-March will see the release of a new New Balance ad for 2024, part of a worldwide brand campaign that will feature updated imagery of the Dodgers slugger. The release of these additional images is scheduled for March 15.

On March 15, a unique pop-up event will be held at the company’s Tokyo Harajuku store to unveil the new Ohtani advertisements and images. Along with new products for sale, a copy of Ohtani’s personalized gloves will be on show.

On Tuesday, March 5, the Dodgers played their most recent spring training game against the Los Angeles Angels, Shohei Ohtani’s old team. The three-time All-Star discussed his feelings about playing against his former teammates after the game.

Shohei Ohtani fronts New Balance's "We Got Now" 2024 global campaign set  for March launch

“We had a lot of boys here today, so we got to catch up with most of them,” Ohtani stated.”More than after I signed, I was thinking about the Angels during the whole free agency before I signed because they were in my mind and once I signed it was a done deal so I felt like we needed to turn the page and focus on the season with the Dodgers.”I wasn’t truly treated badly by them. They were pleased for me and there were many congrats.”

New Balance Launches 2023 Global 'We Got Now' Campaign ~ Strawberry Gal  Adventures of Life

Ohtani has been an essential member of the Anaheim clubhouse ever since joining the Angels in 2018. Many people anticipated that the DH would re-sign with the Angels after departing the team in 2023 as a free agency.

But Ohtani announced that he was leaving the Los Angeles Dodgers, the city rivals of his former team, for a record-breaking $700 million, ten-year contract.