The Dodgers’ main draw is undoubtedly Shohei Ohtani, especially now that he’s introduced Mamiko Tanaka, his wife. Since then, the pair has been in the news and has continued to make headlines sometimes.

During the Seoul Series, the two-way star traveled to South Korea with his spouse by his side, and they appeared in public once again at a team dinner. Alongside the duo, manager Dave Roberts and his spouse were also observed.


There are paparazzi all around Ohtani and Tanaka, and it didn’t take long for the pictures to become popular on social media. Here are some pictures of Tanaka and Ohtani during the team dinner:

Shohei Ohtani loses the exhibition game in Seoul after striking out twice.


In Seoul, the Dodgers played their first exhibition game against the Kiwoom Heroes. The team easily won the game, as was planned. But Shohei Ohtani got caught off guard swinging and struck out twice.

During Ohtani’s first at-bat of the first inning, pitcher Ariel Jurado struck him out with a high sinker. He took a swing at a really high fastball in the second inning.


Ohtani appears to be holding off on making big moves until the MLB regular season. The Dodgers went on to win 14-3 against the Kiwoom Heroes. Freddie Freeman crushed a home run and a double, while Jason Heyward drove in four runs.

As the Dodgers designated hitter, Ohtani was second in line at the plate, which hampered his performance. The Dodgers won easily, and they’re ready to play Team Korea in their upcoming exhibition match.