Taylor Swift thanked her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, for flying across the globe to support her during her Eras Tour the only way she knew how: through song.

The 34-year-old international pop superstar once again changed the lyrics of her 2022 hit “Karma” to honor the NFL star, something she’s done before.

Taylor Swift Changes Lyrics Again While Performing in Front of Travis Kelce  - Parade

She updated the last line of the verse, which was originally written as, “Sweet like justice, karma is a queen / Karma takes all my friends to the summit / Karma is the guy on the screen / Coming straight home to me,” to be “Karma is the guys on the Chiefs!”

The first time Swift performed “Karma” this way was back in Nov. 2023, also during an international Eras Tour concert.

Taylor Swift Drops a New song for Boyfriend Travis Kelce - YouTube

As seen in the video from the night, the crowd in Argentina went wild over the updated lyrics. Despite the roar from fans, Swift could still be heard giggling into the mic as she debuted the new line.

Kelce, 34, was also in attendance that night in Buenos Aires, and another eagle-eyed Swiftie caught his reaction to the subtle yet meaningful update in a separate video.

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At the time of the first shoutout, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end stood next to Swift’s father, Scott. When the 14-time Grammy winner changed up the lyric, Scott immediately turned to Kelce, patted him on the shoulder and then started clapping. Kelce, meanwhile, appeared to be stunned by his girlfriend’s updated lyric as he attempted to cover his face with his hands as he continued grinning and jamming to the song.