Travis Kelce is no stranger to big gestures – but when it comes to his romance with Taylor Swift, it seems the NFL star is willing to spare no expense.

From lavish getaways and private jet trips to watch the singer perform to over-the-top gifts and sweet gestures, it has now been estimated that the football pro has spent a whopping $8 million on his months-long romance with the pop princess.

The football player’s relationship with the singer, which kicked off in September, has completely captured the nation – but being with one of the top superstars on the globe comes at a steep price.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end, 34 – who is currently in the third year of a four-year contract worth $57 million, earning him roughly $14 million a year – is said to have dished out millions of his hard-earned dollars on impressing the Grammy Award-winning pop sensation, 34, over the course of the six months that they’ve been together.

According to the New York Post, the amount that the sports star has dropped on purchases related to his romance with Taylor totals a whopping $8 million.

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The publication claimed that Travis spent around $22,000 on Valentine’s Day gifts for the Cruel Summer songstress alone.

This are said to have included a slew of designer clothes and accessories, a $3,050 24-karat gold rose sculpture from the luxury furniture company Perigold, and two boxes of 250 roses ‘eternity’ roses, which are said to last up to a year and cost $2,199 each.

‘Travis knows what she likes and is always wanting to send her lots of nice flowers. [Now], Taylor can have the little rose sculpture with her all the time,’ a source previously told The Sun of Travis’ thoughtful presents.

The high cost of Travis Kelce dating Taylor Swift: More than $8M spent on  planes, gifts, a new home & more

And it didn’t end there. It was also reported that he gifted her a $1,050 black lambskin Dior beret, a $1,100 Celine hat, a $5,100 Bottega Veneta purse, and a $1,300 Hermès Chevaux Dechaines shawl.

Last but not least, the athlete got himself and Taylor, whose net worth is estimated to be $1.1 billion, custom matching bracelets with the letters TNT – standing for Taylor ‘n’ Travis – written in diamond-encrusted gold beads.

Travis Kelce's $8M cost of dating Taylor Swift

Jeweler Wove Made Inc. is said to have spent days making the jewelry pieces for Travis, which cost $6,360 each.

The outlet added that Travis has already forked over $1.2 million on private jet rides so that he could support his girlfriend at her shows.

Back in November, he jetted from Kansas to Argentina to see her perform; he stayed with her for the weekend before he rushed back to make it to practice Monday morning, and the quick trip reportedly cost him around $300,000