In a move that’s got Kansas City buzzing, Travis Kelce, the Chiefs’ dynamic tight end, has upgraded his living situation to jaw-dropping heights — and it’s all thanks to a certain pop sensation named Taylor Swift.

The deal on Kelce’s new $6 million mansion there recently closed, and sources close to the situation told The Post that the NFL star decided it was time for a major upgrade.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been linked since September 2023.

His former humble abode just wasn’t cutting it when it came to impress his new love interest, Swift.

Insiders revealed that Kelce was feeling a tad “self-conscious” about his relatively modest pad and decided it was time to take things up a notch.

Travis Kelce 's $6 million Kansas City pad is situated on three acres of land.
The reason? Winning over the heart of Swift, who is no stranger to the world of luxury.

It seems Kelce wanted to match the grandeur of her lifestyle, and this new residence might just do the trick.

Kelce’s Chiefs’ salary jumped from $2.9M in 2022 to $11.2M this year.

Coupled with the millions he’s making in endorsement deals with companies like Pfizer, Nike, Bud Light and State Farm, 2023 has been a financial windfall for the tight end.

Travis Kelce buys new Kansas City mansion for privacy amid Taylor Swift  romance
Aside from his mission to impress Swift, Kelce had another pressing reason to make this high-profile move.

His old house was just too accessible, becoming an unintended tourist attraction, separate sources told TMZ.

The old place had its charm, but Kelce was over the constant swarm of fans and tourists who had turned his humble abode into a bona fide spectacle.