Almost every NFL fan can recall the one instance when Dre Greenlaw had a “fangirl” moment with Tom Brady. Later on, the matter was taken up by Jason and Travis Kelce on the YouTube show, “New Heights”. Both the hosts of the show went head over heels for TB12’s act of generosity.

While talking about Brady, they could not help but praise how Tom Brady stands as the true icon of sportsmanship. Keeping himself far away from any form of negativity, the quarterback has always been hard to hate.

The episode dates back to December 17, 2022, when Jason and Kelce sat down to decode Brady’s amicable personality that makes him loveable among fans and players alike. A few days before the interview, the NFL GOAT had wooed Dre Greenlaw with a heartwarming act by signing an intercepted ball for him. Talking about this, Jason highlighted how it has not been easy for Brady to abide by this kind act. To this, Kelce agreed saying, “No I promise you right now there’s no way especially if I lost the game. I’m not gonna say it like the way they did too. That is not a easy situation”.

Brady ensures not let competitiveness or rivalry come in the way of being the best version of himself. This fact is highlighted by Jason, who said, “Despite his uber-competitive nature, Brady does seem like a really good dude. Doesn’t he?” To which Kelce acknowledged with, “He does man. He does. It’s hard to hate that guy man. Even though as good as he is and how many times he’s beat me.” NFL fans still delight in the post-game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the San Francisco 49ers that transpired two years ago.

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The 49ers linebacker, Greenlaw experienced a surreal moment when he intercepted a pass from legendary Brady. It had been a dream-come-true moment for the player who could not help but savor the opportunity to make the achievement yet more memorable. Even though the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did not win the game, out of his sportsmanship, Brady kept Greenlaw’s request.

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Not letting his generosity be tainted with any form of victory or defeat, TB12 gave his autograph. Later on in an interview, Greenlaw shared how he had been hesitant with placing his request in front of Brady, “I was always told if you don’t ask, you’ll never know, (Brady) is a good guy to be able to sign that ball after he threw the pick. That’s big time. I appreciate it. He is the greatest. He’s the GOAT.” 

With this, Tom Brady stands as an ideal example of how legends like him often address victory and defeats with the same humility, humor and sportsmanship. The interaction exemplified the mutual respect that must be the formula of professional athletics transcending the boundaries of rivalry.