Caitlin Clark had another exceptional game in the Big Ten Tournament against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Hawkeyes sealed a thrilling OT victory (94-89) against the No. 5 Cornhuskers.

Time and time again, Clark gets compared to Steph Curry because of her ability to make tough three-pointers. Furthermore, Clark broke Curry’s record after she made her 163rd triple of the year against Penn State on Friday.

Stephen Curry commends Caitlin Clark’s game

Stephen Curry has scored 3,680 three-pointers in his career and is known for his shooting prowess. Similarly, Clark has been displaying some tough offensive displays, due to which the basketball fraternity has started comparing the #22 Hawkeyes guard with the $160 million net worth holder (via celebrity net worth), Steph Curry.

Steph Curry heaps praise on Caitlin Clark

In an interview with Jericka Duncan, Curry was asked if he had spoken to her and about the comparisons people were making.

“I’ve been watching from afar and understanding just how much of a power she is out there on the court,” Curry said. “The cool part is the way she plays and her range and the level of difficulty on shots are obviously a close comparison to the way I play.”

When Duncan tells Curry that Clark is being compared to him, Curry responds that there is much more to her game than just shooting the ball.

“I think it almost robs her from the rest of her game because she is such a good floor, you know? She has her overall floor game and is racking up close to triple-doubles every night. Like her shooting ability, it’s our superpower but the rest of her game is as polished as that,” Curry added.

Iowa v Purdue

“This is must-see TV, I love what it has done for women’s basketball. In terms of when she shows up, the seats are filled and there’s a different energy.”