Kim Mulkey was the center of conversation recently after Ben Mintzy of the Wake up Mintzy show shared a picture of him and the LSU coach. Mulkey is famous for her colorful fashion, often going viral with her outfit choices for game days.


This time, however, coach Mulkey opted for a more low-key and simple fashion, and fans were shocked by it.

One fan believed that this was not Kim Mulkey and commented:

“Are you sure that’s Kim?,” another fan asked.

“Um……I don’t think that’s her dude. Unless she has been on a bender for the last 4 weeks,” a fan wrote.

“Why do you both look like you’re dying?,” a user commented.

“Nancy Pelosi is really letting herself go,” one fan wrote comparing Mulkey to congresswoman Pelosi

“No im pretty sure that’s Willem Dafoe,” another joked.

“WNBA draft + transfer portal effect taking a toll.,” a fan commented.

“Why is she wearing her night gown?” another asked about her outfit choice.

Saturday Night Live pokes fun at Kim Mulkey and her fashion

In a recent SNL cold open on April 6, the hosts discussed college sports, focusing on the upcoming women’s and men’s finals. They decided to interview Kim Mulkey, portrayed by “SNL” cast member Heidi Gardner.

Gardner, dressed as Mulkey in a neon pink suit with feathers on the sleeves said:

“I got this custom-made. I just told them, ‘Make me look like the Riddler went to Talbot’s.'”

She also commented on her tough style of coaching, something which she has received a lot of flak for.

“I work my girls hard every day,” Gardner said. “I make them run 10 miles breathing in Louisiana swamp gas. Then we practice full-contact. And if I don’t see hustle, I’ll throw a live alligator on the court.”

Coach Kim Mulkey and her harsh coaching may not be everyone’s favorite, but that has helped her win four championships. Next season, Mulkey and LSU prepare for an uphill task having lost Angel Reese, Haley Van Lith, and others to the WNBA and transfer portal.

While she has managed to rebuild her team with freshman recruits and transfer signees, the verdict is still out on her chances of winning another. The 2024-25 season will be led by guard Flau’Jae Johnson.