Rob Parker thinks Clark should be in another league.

Can Clark cement her case as one of the greatest women's basketball…

Caitlin Clark has become a singular force in basketball — not just in the women’s game, but in the sport as a whole.

Clark this season become the all-time leading scorer in the history of college basketball, and she is still seeking the national championship her collegiate career deserves.

Can Clark cement her case as one of the greatest women's basketball...

But whether she leads her Iowa Hawkeyes to victory over the LSU Tigers on Monday night — or whether LSU will win this rematch of last season’s national final — all eyes will be on Clark’s next move.

She has declared herself eligible for the WNBA Draft this month, but some believe she is “too good” to play in the top women’s basketball league in the world.

Is Clark too good for the WNBA?

FOX Sports Radio analyst Rob Parker is among those who feel that Clark should take her talents to a league other than the WNBA. In fact, he is “convinced” Clark belongs in the NBA, alongside LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Luka Doncic, and the world’s top men’s basketball players.

Parker believes the NBA is “soft,” creating the perfect climate for Clark to become a sharpshooter in the men’s league — despite the vastly-different style of play and economic power compared to the W or Ice Cube’s Big3 league.

Parker’s comments could have been flattering in nature, but comparing Clark to someone like James or Kevin Durant is akin to comparing apples and oranges.

It serves to diminish Clark in the eyes of others, creating negative comments and unfair expectations for the Iowa star rather than appreciating her greatness in a vacuum.

A growing sentiment

Even though Parker’s comments have been slammed — by his FOX Sports Radio co-host Chris Broussard, no less — he is not the only one who thinks Clark should abandon women’s basketball for the men’s game.

CBS Sports’ Chris Walker recently echoed Parker’s sentiment, saying Clark’s greatness “make(s) people think a bit differently” about the ceiling for a player in her mold.

There is no chance that Clark heads to the NBA — but not because she isn’t “good enough” at basketball.

The NBA game requires size and strength in another stratosphere relative to the WNBA, and Clark is well-advised enough to know how unique the opportunity is in front of her.

With NCAA Women’s Tournament ratings at an all-time high, Clark will likely take her celebrity with her to the W, where she can establish the young league as must-watch television around the world.