The Sky forward was named Sportswoman of the Year at the BET Awards.

Angel Reese and Shaquille O’Neal have formed one of the most endearing friendships in sports in recent years. The former NBA big man has taken the WNBA rookie sensation under his wing and doesn’t hesitate to show off her achievements at every opportunity, just as he has done now.

Reese has dominated the headlines practically since she was the seventh pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft. Her impactful performances on the professional courts have led her to break several records, and the media and experts expect her to continue doing so.

Her trajectory in the NCAA, where she played with the LSU Tigers -just like O’Neal- also captured the attention of fans and the press. Her laid-back and honest style, combined with her basketball skills, made her stand out from the crowd.

The achievements of the “Chi-Barbie” have not gone unnoticed, and just this Sunday, she was awarded the BET Award for Sportswoman of the Year. As expected, “Uncle Shaq” couldn’t resist taking to his social media to shout his protégé’s accomplishment from the rooftops.

O’Neal’s pride

Shaq is not one to keep his opinion to himself. However, Reese’s recognition seems to have left him speechless, as he limited himself to posting a couple of screenshots on his Instagram Stories that the Chicago Sky forward had already posted, announcing the award.

The first one says, in colorful text boxes, “Angel Reese Wins: 2024 BET Award for Sportswoman of the Year.” It then lists this year’s nominees: Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka, A’Ja Wilson, Sha’Carri Richardson, Flau’Jae Johnson, Coco Gauff, and Juju Watkins.

The second is Reese’s post thanking the BET Awards for the distinction. Although the Los Angeles Lakers great has kept his words to himself for now, the pride is evident, as he seems a few inches taller.

Angel Reese’s achievements

Beyond the 2022-2023 NCAA season championship, Reese’s impact on the WNBA has been practically immediate. In just a few weeks into the 2024 professional circuit season, the former Tiger has already set a couple of records.

Both were in the double-double category. The first was for the most consecutive double-doubles for a rookie, reaching nine, and the second was for the most consecutive double-doubles in a season, when she reached ten.

So far, Chi-Barbie averages 13.3 points, 11.4 rebounds, 1.9 assists, and 1.5 steals per game. According to the media and experts, if she continues her strong performance, Reese will be one of the top contenders for Rookie of the Year.

One can only imagine what Uncle Shaq would do if his adoptive niece achieves that accolade.