Angel Reese responded after she appeared to wave goodbye to a fouled-out MTSU player.

The No. 3 seed LSU Tigers rolled into the Sweet 16 on Sunday after a win over Middle Tennessee State, but it was a game that was much more uncertain at times than the final score would suggest.

LSU trailed by nine points in the second half before going on a furious run to win by 27. And the emotion we saw from Angel Reese and Flau’jae Johnson was a huge reason why. One sequence in particular appeared to have Reese responding on social media after the game.

In the the third quarter, Reese drew a fifth and final foul on Anastasiia Boldyreva, and as a fouled-out Boldyreva left the court, Reese could be seen waving.

Angel Reese waved goodbye after fouling out MTSU player 👀

The obvious assumption was that Reese was waving goodbye to Boldyreva, who had to leave the game with nine points. But after LSU’s win, Reese took to Twitter/X and appeared to address the exchange.

“clickbait everything i do keep going viral”

She called it clickbait.

Either way, Reese finished the game with 20 points and 11 rebounds as LSU heads to the Sweet 16.