Angel Reese keeps her “beef” alive even before the season starts. The rising star has sparked speculation with a cryptic post that has Caitlin Clark’s fans wondering if it’s aimed at her.

“I remember thinking… she can beat me but she cannot beat my outfit,” wrote Reese on her latest Instagram post. Take a moment to guess who the message might be directed towards, we will wait.

Is Angel Reese taking shots at Caitlin Clark now in the WNBA?

It’s hard not to think this message is aimed at the new Indiana Fever star. During the WNBA draft’s orange carpet event, Reese and Clark’s outfits were widely discussed.

One was bold and daring, filled with accessories and sparkle, while the other was classic, simple, and perhaps not seeking attention.

The collegiate battle between Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese ended in the women’s basketball semifinals when Reese’s team was defeated by the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Angel Reese thrives on her energy both on and off the court

Angel enjoys getting into the heads of her opponents, a basic quality of a great competitor. It’s how she seeks to dominate her own fears, imposing her thoughts on her rivals.

This is once again demonstrated, this time off the court and in another realm: fashion.