“Apologies!” The WNBA’s official X account broke news to the basketball world just a few hours before Chicago Sky’s first preseason game.

It was the first time fans would have watched former NCAA rivals Angel Reese and Kamilla Cardoso on the court together.

While the game wasn’t broadcasted, a fan in the Target Center dug up an illegal way as a solution. But many were left heartbroken. Amongst them was Phoenix’s WNBA champion Brittney Griner.

Apparently, the sudden announcement of the WNBA app or the TV not broadcasting some of the preseason games, including Chicago vs Minnesota, was a shock to the basketball fans.

Taking note of the issue, the 9x WNBA All-Star shared an Instagram story saying, “It’s wild they didn’t have this game on League Pass! But they did what they wanted! In no world does it make sense not to have these two young ladies’ game on the app!”.

She, in turn, had shared a post by the High Level Media Sports. Right after the apologetic tweet by the WNBA, the sports news company posted, “The WNBA is wild embarrassing.

To not have Angel Reese and Kamila cordossa games on the league pass is insane. Angel Reese is one of the reasons why women’s basketball is getting so much attention.”

Tonight’s game which ran parallel to the Indiana Fever vs Dallas Wings was not being televised, streamed, or available with the League Pass. However, it was not on the WNBA, something that many fans portrayed it to be.

Why did the WNBA have to snub Angel Reese and Co.?

After the news blasted the internet, a whirlwind of comments flew in from the fans. Many of these blamed the association for pushing just one player, that is Caitlin Clark, to continue a narrative.

However, according to the WNBA and Athlon ports, it was an issue with the broadcaster itself. Bally Sports North, who was supposed to telecast the Sky vs Minnesota game tonight, had other plans. When the choice came, they went with the Major Baseball League team with whom they had recently struck a new TV deal.


However, the turn of events disappointed a large number of Chi-Town Barbie fans. She is one of the transformative energies that women’s basketball has seen over the last couple of years. Not bringing her game to the awaiting viewers did not sit well with the basketball world.

Nevertheless, the WNBA has clearly stated that not all of their preseason games will be broadcast. The fans can still rejoice in the fact that the regular season will be available with the league passes on the WNBA app and also on TV.