Caitlin Clark’s final season in college is coming to a close, but she is still not done breaking records. After eclipsing LSU legend Pete Maravich on the NCAA Division I all-time scorers list, Clark has now surpassed her idol, Stephen Curry.

The Iowa guard has accumulated the most 3-pointers in a single season (164).

Curry netted 162 3-pointers during his 2008-09 season with the Davidson Wildcats. While he achieved his feat in 36 games, Caitlin Clark did so in 32 games. She entered the tip-off against Penn State with 162 but missed 11 attempts before making the tie-breaking shot in the final quarter.

Caitlin Clark surpasses her idol, Stephen Curry

Later, the $3.1 million NIL-valued (per On3) Clark spoke with reporters about her achievement:

“Took me a while, but hey that’s what makes it fun. You know, some of the best shooters in the world they have off nights like that from the three-point line. But they all felt good, and that’s all you can ask. And Steph’s amazing. Somebody that I grew up idolizing, so pretty cool moment.”
The Iowa guard’s name is synonymous with logo 3 now, especially after she used it to surpass Kelsey Plum’s NCAA women’s all-time scoring record.

Stephen Curry calls Caitlin Clark “special”

Many players in the league and around the world consider Stephen Curry their inspiration and try to model their shots after him. Caitlin Clark is not different. Curry shared his thoughts on the Iowa guard, calling him her inspiration:

“You can pick anybody that she talks about in terms of being an inspiration, if she picks something from our game, or models something from our game, I don’t ever take that for granted.” (via Indy Star)

“Caitlin is special,” Curry added “Her story, journey, the record speaks for itself and it’s cool … it’s just dope from a scoring perspective, from a shooting perspective, just a hooper that’s doing what she’s doing.”

Curry specifically commented on Caitlin Clark’s shooting skills.

“No shot is a bad shot when you can shoot it as well as she can. When you watch them play, she just adds the element of surprise that you can’t really game-plan for.” (via ESPN)

The Iowa Hawkeyes will now move forward to the semifinals of the Big Ten Tournament before preparing for March Madness. This season, Clark will wrap up her collegiate career and move to the WNBA. As the projected No. 1 pick, the guard is likely to move to the Indiana Fever.