Rookies Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese continue to bring in new fans into the WNBA.

The Indiana Fever and the Chicago Sky have set a new milestone for the WNBA, drawing the largest game audience in 23 years.

This remarkable achievement marks the second consecutive week that a matchup between these two teams has captivated viewers nationwide, showcasing the league’s rising popularity.

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WNBA rookies shine in Fever vs Sky rivalry

On Tuesday, ESPN reported a viewership audience of 2.3 million and an audience peak of 3.3 million for the Sky’s nail-biting 88-87 win over the Fever.

Angel Reese, who secured her first professional victory over Caitlin Clark, shone brightly with an impressive 25 points and 16 rebounds.

Kamilla Cardoso also demonstrated her potential, disrupting the Fever’s offense and contributing to a pivotal play that helped the Sky clinch the win.

Meanwhile, Caitlin Clark continued her record-setting ways with 13 assists and 17 points, setting a new single-game assist record for the Fever.

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The atmosphere at Wintrust Arena was nothing short of electric, reminiscent of the fervor seen during the Michael Jordan era.

The sold-out venue buzzed with energy, as fans lined up well before the doors opened, eager to witness the showdown.

WNBA profiting from Fever vs Sky hype

Nationally televised on ESPN, the game undoubtedly contributed to the WNBA’s soaring viewership numbers this season.

Angel Reese, reflecting on the match, emphasized the significance of this moment for women’s sports. “It’s good for the game. Good for women’s basketball but also good for women’s sports,”Reese remarked.

“Everybody’s watching right now. I think it’s just one of the most important times, right, and we just continue to keep putting on – I think both teams tonight did an amazing job of putting on a show. It was fun.”

The WNBA has long been home to exceptional talent and memorable Finals, but what has been missing are the intense regular-season rivalries that draw fans in regardless of the stakes.

The emerging rivalry between the Fever and the Sky is beginning to fill that void, captivating both diehard and casual fans alike.

Just as historic rivalries in other sports have fueled interest and excitement, the burgeoning competition between these two teams promises to do the same for the WNBA.

As the Fever and the Sky prepare for their next matchup on August 30, anticipation is already building.

This latest game has set a high bar, not only in terms of viewership but also in the quality of play and the palpable excitement it generated.

The future of the WNBA looks brighter than ever, with fierce rivalries and record-breaking audiences paving the way.