Caitlin Clark gets no sympathy from CBS broadcaster after dangerous elbow but Iowa fans straighten him out.

Debate continues over whether or not a Holy Cross player elbowed Clark on purpose

Caitlin Clark got struck in the head with an elbow against Holy Cross…

Caitlin Clark got struck in the head with an elbow against Holy Cross...

Caitlin Clark survived the pressure of a sold-out crowd and a telling off from her dad as the No. 1 Iowa Hawkeyes rolled into the second round of the NCAA Tournament Saturday. But she almost didn’t make it through the game due to a vicious elbow from a Holy Cross player, which got fans and commentators alike up in arms.

One broadcaster, a radio host for CBS Sports named Andrew Perloff, walked himself into the wrong side of college basketball fans on social media when he posted the video of the play with the following caption.

Andrew Perloff Learned From The Master of Sports Radio on Television |  Barrett Media

“They called this an intentional foul, 2 free throws and possession. A 2-year-old could see this wasn’t intentional.”

Social media defends Caitlin Clark

Perloff seemed to be the only one who disagreed with the call on the floor of an intentional foul for the high elbow.

“I didn’t see the game and don’t have a dog in the fight. That was as blatant an intentional foul as I’ve ever seen,” said a reply with nearly as many likes as his original post.

The radio host received a nasty ratio on Twitter/X, as his post received over 9,000 replies compared to less than 5,000 likes, showing that the internet rallied behind the 2024 Sporting News National Player of the Year.

“You don’t unintentionally cock the arm and lead with an elbow. Cmon now,” another user argued.

“That’s a left hook. Also not a basketball move,” former NBA player Rex Chapman said.

Kyle Tucker, college basketball writer for the Athletic, piled on with a joke too: “Are you under the impression children don’t acquire vision until age 3?”

Thankfully, Clark managed to stay in the game despite the blow to the head. She finished with 27 points, eight rebounds, and 10 assists as the Hawkeyes defeated Holy Cross 91-65.