It was the moment she met her idol.

Caitlin Clark.

Caitlin Clark has fondly recalled a moment she likes to believe changed her life in just 10 seconds. Her journey to this point has been nothing short of extraordinary, but it’s hard to deny the significance of that fleeting moment a decade ago.

Ten years ago, when Clark was just 12 years old, her father Brent took her from their home in Des Moines, Iowa, to Minneapolis for a Minnesota Lynx game. WNBA superstar Maya Moore was ruling the court back then, leading the Lynx to four titles in seven seasons and earning Finals MVP honors in 2013.

Moore was Clark’s favorite player, and after the game, amidst the mingling fans, Caitlin ran forward and hugged Moore.

The moment Clark met Moore

Now, a decade later, Clark is on the brink of an incredible career in professional basketball. As she prepares to step onto the court for her first preseason game with the Indiana Fever, the impact of that 10-second encounter is still felt.

While she may have become a transcendent basketball star regardless, that moment with Moore left an indelible impression, shaping her journey and inspiring her to reach for greatness.

“Ten seconds can go a long way in somebody’s life,” Clark said.

“That’s a good lesson whether you play sports or don’t play sports, how you treat somebody matters.

“I just try to take as much time as I can for those young girls because Maya was so nice to me when I ran up to her, and that’s something that’s stuck with me all the way until I’m 22 years old.”