Caitlin Clark: ‘I’ll be able to sleep at night even though I never won a national championship’

For the second time in two seasons, the Hawkeyes are the runners-up in the national championship game.

The legendary career of Caitlin Clark comes to a close without a championship. However, she believes there’s no shame in finishing in second place.

“There’s not a regret in mind of how things went. I’ll be able to sleep every night without a national championship,” Clark said.

“I think that’s the thing about everything I’ve done is there’s so much to be proud of. I don’t sit and sulk about the things that never happened.

“My mom always taught me keep your head high and be proud of everything you accomplished. I think I’m still hungry for a lot more, too.”

‘It’s been a special year’: Hawkeyes’ Caitlin Clark wins 2nd consecutive Naismith Trophy

Caitlin Clark added another Naismith Trophy to her collection and Hawkeye Headquarters was there when the Iowa star got it.

This makes it two years in a row for Clark – that hasn’t happened since 2016.

It recognizes her as the best player in women’s college basketball.

Clark got the award at a ceremony in Cleveland on Wednesday. She was the favorite going into it after her record-breaking season. Clark says it’s an honor to win again.

“Very cool to see how this has grown every time,” Clark said. “We got to get bigger and bigger rooms, so I think that just speaks to where women’s basketball is. I think it’s been a special year for women’s basketball and also to win this award is really special.”

Clark joins an exclusive list of just 10 players to win multiple Naismith player of the year awards.

“It means that you can come to Iowa and reach your dream, right?” Iowa head coach Lisa Bluder said. “I mean, when we’ve had Megan Gustafson get it, and now Caitlin twice.

It means that you can come to the University of Iowa and reach the very top levels of success and all of your dreams can really come true at Iowa.”

“Sometimes, in the past, you know, that might have been a hurdle,” associate head coach Jan Jensen said. “And I think that Megan winning it helped us get Caitlin. And then Caitlin just, you know, blew the door wide open.”

“Caitlin really does everything,” said Stanford’s Cameron Brink, who won the defensive player of the year at the event. “I think a little bit of everything. And that’s what makes her so special.

You watch her and you’re like she’s really a generational talent. So we just have to thank her; she’s brought so much to the women’s game and she’s just going to continue doing that.”

“She’s a prolific scorer, but her passing is basically her separator,” said South Carolina’s Dawn Staley, who won the Naismith coach of the year award. “And who she’s passing to is taking practice shots. These are like wide open shots.”

Of course Clark didn’t come to Cleveland just for the player of the year announcement.

Her and the Hawkeyes practice on Thursday as they prepare for a Final Four game against UConn on Friday.