Clark’s WNBA career is off to a solid start, as expected.

Caitlin Clark during her WNBA debut.

All eyes were on Caitlin Clark on Friday night, as the legendary women’s college basketball player began her WNBA career. She made her debut with the Indiana Fever, scoring 21 points as her team lost 79-76.

Watch the video here:

More than anything, a lot of fans wanted to see if Clark’s college game would be able to translate to the pros. If the first game was any indication, Clark is in for an epic WNBA career, so long as she cleans up some of the turnovers and fouls.

Caitlin Clark scores 21 points in first-ever WNBA game

There was no fear from Clark from the get-go, as she consistently put shots up from long range just like she did at Iowa. Clark was semi-efficient from the perimeter, drilling five of 13 three-pointers.

If there was any negative to take away, it would maybe be that she ceded the ball a bit too much. It’s not necessarily a negative, but Clark’s passing ability is one of her best traits, and we didn’t get to see much of it on Friday night. She ended the game with only two assists.

A lot of that is due to Clark having to share ball-handling duties with an experienced guard like Erica Wheeler. That might be needed, though, as Clark committed five turnovers and was a bit too sloppy with the ball.

Still, it was a good start for the Fever to build chemistry and gain confidence as a team.