Caitlin Clark ‘vs.’ Angel Reese? WNBA Accused Of ‘Racism’ for TV Decision.

This much is true: Unlike in the days of newspapers-only media coverage, there was only so much space in the paper. More ads meant more space, but otherwise, there was a ceiling on how many stories could be stuffed into the daily rag.

But now? There is no limit on what can be “printed” and what can be telecast … which does make the WNBA’s decision on Chicago Sky and the WNBA preseason debut of Angel Reese an odd one.

Not necessarily “racist.” But odd.

clark reese

The Chicago Sky vs. Minnesota Lynx preseason game was not streamed online by the WNBA. … unlike what the league did with the Caitlin Clark debut for the Indiana Fever, with that Friday night debut in Dallas a cause celebre.

Many are ripping the WNBA for this imbalanced decision. Clark’s game was televised and coverage easy to access. Reese’s game, not so much.

“The WNBA is wild embarrassing,” wrote one person on Twitter with a media credential claim. “To not have Angel Reese and Kamila Cordossa games on the league pass is insane. Angel Reese is one of the reasons why women’s basketball is getting so much attention but they made sure to put the white girl front and center, I’m tired of them.”

Added another fan, per TheSpun: “The entire sports media machine made a concerted effort to ignore Angel Reese in this years women’s tournament … So this isn’t the least bit surprising,” one fan added.

The idea that this is a racial conspiracy orchestrated by the WNBA is, on its face, nonsense, for one reason and one reason only: The WNBA is about making money. … and we bet this oversight is corrected next time around, because it’s likely both rookie stars Reese and Clark are about to put the league on the map in ways never before seen.

Which means when the 2024 WNBA regular season begins next week, Reese and Clark will both be seen. A lot.