During Iowa’s opening-round game against Holy Cross in the 2024 women’s NCAA tournament, Hawkeyes superstar Caitlin Clark seemingly got some tough love from her dad in the stands.

As it looked like Clark was expressing her frustration over some of the game’s officiating, you could see what certainly looked like Clark’s dad, Brent, yelling at her to knock it off in the stands.


Later, CBS Sports reporter Brad Crawford noticed Brent Clark expressing that Caitlin Clark be taken out of the game after getting an offensive foul and turning the ball over more than a few times.

As Brent Clark has undoubtedly been to plenty of his daughter’s games over the years, it’s not surprising to see him unafraid of expressing his feelings during the game, even to his daughter when he’s not happy with her complaining to the refs.

Caitlin Clark’s dad was not happy about her complaining at officials during Iowa’s NCAA Tournament game vs Holy Cross. 🏀😂 #MarchMadnesspic.twitter.com/0fpUpnD2FR

Caitlin Clark’s dad after an offensive foul + sixth turnover of the first half.

‘Take her out, my gosh.’

Caitlin Clark leads Iowa to blowout win over Holy Cross in March Madness opener

We’re sure that the Clarks have a very well-established dynamic on the court and in the stands by now, and it’s fascinating to see these two interact with each other in real time as March Madness gets underway.

At the least, college basketball fans felt this moment between the Clarks was so relatable to their own experiences with sports.

My father in the stands to this day ⬇️

Whenever I missed my dad loved to occasionally hit me with a “try aiming next time” 😅

nah i died laughing at this it’s so real

Every parent can relate

My dad to me in every sport ever when my mouth would get the best of me 🤣

This was my dad through and through 😂😂😭😭 I love it haha

Why is that literally my dad 😭 not with all the whining he only concerned about solutions

Me to my kid when the umpire calls a strike

this is like straight out of that wright thompson piece this feels perfect

Feature image courtesy of ESPN.