Caitlin Clark and teammate

Caitlin Clark (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Caitlin Clark throws great passes, and she has been doing so throughout her rookie campaign. Unfortunately, her teammates have a hard time catching the ball, which has led to a ton of turnovers for Clark that are not her fault at all.

On Sunday, Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever played Angel Reese and the Chicago Sky for the third time this year. The first two games were in Indiana, so the venue was finally changed to Wintrust Arena for the third time around.

When casual fans think of Caitlin Clark, they think of her Stephen Curry-like range. However, she also has playmaking skills like LeBron James, with her ability to see plays ahead of time and get the ball in the correct spot.

The former Iowa Hawkeye stepped up her passing game in a record-setting performance against the Chicago Sky, but her teammates have been unable to finish wide-open shots or even catch the ball.

Just in the first half, there were four plays where Clark put the ball where it needed to be, but her teammates made an unforced error.

Fans took to social media and called out teammates for being some of the worst in the league: