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Chloe Kitts Talks Growth In Year Two And Current State Of WBB

Chloe Kitts has been on a journey since joining South Carolina’s women’s basketball program. I had a conversation with her to see how that journey has unfolded.

Chloe Kitts has shown a lot of growth in her Sophomore season at South Carolina. Even if you haven’t watched the Gamecocks this year, by now, you’ve heard about her story of leaving high school midway through last season.

The master plan of the early enrollment was led by Coach Dawn Staley and co-signed by Kitts and her family.

Hardly seeing the floor her freshman year, averaging 7 minutes per game, she found herself learning more of the “Gamecock way” than making plays.

Coach Staley has built a steady pipeline of talented young women, but the way she instills in them the need to nurture each other’s dreams along their journeys is heartwarming.

Brea Beal was Kitts’ sister from another mother who made sure she acclimated to her new student-athlete life.

“Brea took me under her wing; if I needed to go anywhere, she would take me places; she would always make sure that I was okay and that I ate,” Kitts said.

Chloe Kitts Talks Growth In Year Two And Current State Of WBB

“She checked to see how I [was] mentally; it wasn’t always just about basketball with her. She’s just a great person, and I was very happy to have her as a roommate,” she added.

Fast forwarding to the present day, Kitts is in the thick of the rotation for Coach Staley’s squad, averaging 19 minutes per game and even having a hot start in the biggest game of the season against LSU. The sophomore scored 7 of the first 11 points against the Tigers. How did she get her team going in an intense game?

“I decided to start attacking the basket.” “When we were out there, we struggled to score at the beginning of the game, and I knew that I needed to help, and my teammates kept feeding me and kept telling me to be aggressive,” Kitts answered.

The Growth of Popularity For Women’s Basketball

What made that night even more special was the fact that South Carolina’s showdown versus LSU had more ratings than the Boston Celtics vs Miami game in the NBA, which aired 30 minutes earlier.

“When I saw the numbers of how many people watched the game, I was surprised.

Not a lot of people are interested in women’s basketball – so, to me, it was like, ‘Wow, this many people just watched our game, and they’re all interested in us,'” Kitts said. “It’s been interesting to see how much the game has changed over time,” she added.

With popularity and skill level at younger ages on the rise, is it time for the NCAA to lower the draft eligibility age from 22 for college women’s athletes? Chloe gave her opinion on the matter.

“I’m not really against the rule, [because] now, with NIL, we can make money. In the WNBA, it’s not a crazy salary,” Kitts stated.

Still somewhat trying to get into her groove, Kitts still has another gear in her game that hasn’t been reached yet. Her perimeter play made her an elite recruit in the 2023 class; her two favorite players are WNBA star Breanna Stewart and NBA star Kevin Durant.