Christie Sides and Caitlin Clark talking on sidelines

Christie Sides and Caitlin Clark (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
The Indiana Fever announced a roster move that has fans wanting head coach Christie Sides fired from her job.

The second-year head coach has made questionable moves in her young career, most notably with Caitlin Clark, but her decision to cut Celeste Taylor from the team has led to a ton of controversy, per

The Indiana Fever saw their season-long four-game win streak come to an end when they lost to the Chicago Sky. Following that loss, the team waived Taylor less than a week after her birthday.


Taylor was the Fever’s No. 15 overall pick from the 2024 WNBA draft.

Following the release, fans took to social media and demanded that Christie Sides be fired for this move.

@IndianaFeverit’s time to fire christie sides. What was the mindset of releasing celeste taylor”.

“Time to dismiss/fire Christie Sides, Indiana Fever coach. Self-evident. Will this be the day?”.

getting rid of your best defender. What kind of clown show are you running. Retire and fire Christie Sides ASAP!!!”.

” I’ve never seen an organization so eager to fail after achieving the success and attention they’ve been claiming they’re entitled to for years. Media exemption? Christie Sides still having a job? What is this, amateur hour?”.

Christie Sides has been blasted many times this year for her coaching decisions and it continued on sunday when the team went away from getting Caitlin Clark shots in crunch time against the Sky and squandered away a huge lead that broke their winning stream.

Video Shows Caitlin Clark Throwing Up Hands In Frustration With Christie Sides

Caitlin Clark can do a lot of things, but she certainly cannot hide her frustration.

The Fever’s star rookie seemed to disagree with coach Christie Sides late during the team’s 88-87 loss to the Sky on Sunday. Video from the game shows her rolling her shoulders and throwing her hands up while speaking with the coach on the sidelines.

Clark basically disappeared in the fourth quarter as the Fever choked away a 15-point lead. That also included the final play when she served as the inbounds passer.