Fans blast brands over Caitlin Clark negotiations.

Indiana Fever superstar Caitlin Clark.

On Tuesday, it was reported that Caitlin Clark is about to ink a massive eight-year, $28 million deal with Nike, making it the most lucrative endorsement contract for a single player in the history of women’s basketball. As part of the deal, she will also have her own signature shoe.

Before deciding on Nike, Clark had talks with several other major shoe brands. Adidas offered her a four-year, $6 million deal with a signature shoe, which was significantly lower in both annual value and duration compared to Nike’s offer. This led to some backlash on social media, with fans expressing their disappointment in Adidas’ offer.

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“Adidas is disrespectful for that offer. Puma clearly filled with idiots. She woulda made more with under armour and possibly way more if she worked with curry. I get the 8 year contract tho. Nike is elite and 8 years secures a good future. Either way, she’s makin good money,” one fan wrote.

“Adidas was so disrespectful… But Lols PUMA is so dumb. Steph Curry offered a good deal, but I’m guessing she wanted long term promises. As business management major, you can’t short term those,” another fan commented. “Adidas bid just so they could say they tried,” added another fan. “Wow, what a lowball Adidas,” remarked another.

She had offers from other brands

Under Armour also made an offer of $16 million over four years, including a signature shoe deal. Additionally, Clark reportedly walked away from negotiations with Puma when they started the per-year bidding at $3 million.

The news of Clark’s impending Nike deal sparked a collective reaction from fans, as they expressed their opinions on the various offers and decisions made during the negotiations.

The reported figures and reactions from fans shed light on the competitive nature of securing endorsement deals in the sports industry. It also highlights the importance of considering both the financial aspects and the long-term opportunities that come with such contracts.

Overall, Caitlin Clark’s upcoming endorsement deal with Nike has generated significant attention and discussion, showcasing the impact of such agreements not only on the athlete but also on the brands involved and the fans who closely follow these developments.