Caitlin Clark, is a name that now resonates throughout not just the NCAA (W) but also through the WNBA and NBA. And guess who saw this giant talent coming through?

Seasoned MVP Stephen Curry of course! Steph is always on the lookout for the next big thing and he saw her potential shine before she made her biggest splash on the scene.

Today Caitlin Clark has given fans and admirers across the league another reason to hold her in the highest esteem as she becomes the NCAA women’s career scoring leader with 3,569 points breaking Kelsey Plum’s record and Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry has nothing but praises for her.

The record-breaking shot was her signature 3-pointer from a remarkable 35 feet. Wherever she’s been playing with the Iowa Hawkeyes, fans rally up even if it’s too cold.

The Curry-Clark comparisons aren’t new, but just days before she shattered glass ceilings, Curry acknowledged her in an interview, “I saw somebody break down the release time which is pretty much identical to mine.

You can’t help but watch when she plays, where she’s shooting from, the range, the confidence, the flare.

She’s a performer. So, she’s kind of the total package”

Curry also highlighted how she benefits women’s basketball, bringing “a different kind of energy.”

He added, “The amount of attention she’s gained in the last couple of years, every building she goes to, its different energy like it’s great for her, great for women’s basketball.”

Further, when asked if Steph’s reached out to her, he responds, “I have, but I’m always supporting and rooting on the next biggest talent.”

On February 1st, Bleacher Report posted a picture Curry referenced, showing their matching 0.43-second release time. While some may disagree with the comparison due to ball size and court length, amongst other things, her talent deserves props from all across.

Is the GOAT status on the horizon for young Clark?

Caitlin has been averaging an astonishing 28.2 points, 7 rebounds, and 8 assists per game in her total 4 years of playing at the NCAA.

This season is her best yet, with career-highs in points, steals, and three-pointers made, shooting 47.3% from the field. Throughout her career, she’s recorded 52 30-point games and 11 40-point games.

Projected as the no.1 Draft Pick in the upcoming WNBA draft, Caitlin Clark has nothing but the “GOAT” status if she continues down the path she’s forged for herself. And having the actual GOAT in her corner certainly doesn’t hurt.