Caitlin Clark has previously defended LSU women’s basketball star Angel Reese’s trash talking in the 2023 championship game.

In the heat of competition, the intensity of Iowa women’s basketball star Caitlin Clark shines as brightly as her skill on the court.

With the 2022-23 season marking a tremendous run for Iowa, Clark’s perspective on competitiveness, trash-talking and women’s sports takes center stage, especially in light of Iowa’s ultimate showdown against Angel Reese and LSU in last season’s national championship game.

Iowa women’s basketball player Caitlin Clark

Clark’s candid take on the natural competitiveness found in women’s sports underscores an often misunderstood aspect of the game.

“It does surprise me that people get a little distraught about women being competitive, or getting into arguments on the court or trash talk. And that’s how it should be,” Clark said in an interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts.

“I think it’s more surprising if anything that y’all didn’t know, this is how women’s sports are played, like come on.”

The championship game, which featured viral moments of trash talk, particularly from Reese towards Clark, brought this conversation to the forefront. Iowa ultimately went on to lose to the Tigers, 102-85.

Despite Reese facing criticism for her on-court banter, Clark has previously stood in defense of her competitor’s on-court attitude.

“I don’t think Angel should be criticized at all,” Clark previously said on ESPN. “No matter what way it goes, she should never be criticized for what she did. I compete, she competed.”

The championship clash not only highlighted the prowess and passion of players like Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese but also set record viewership numbers, underscoring the growing appeal and recognition of women’s basketball.