Jason Whitlock: “Take even Jackie Robinson, who faced death threats and had justifiable reasons to fear for his physical safety… But setting that aside, he could step to the plate and control his destiny.

Jason Whitlock SLAMS Caitlin Clark's ability - and explains why she's  struggling in the WNBA | Daily Mail Online

His level of success he wasn’t relying on Peewee Reese or anybody else on that Dodgers team to help him put a bat on a ball and move runners around the bases.

That’s where this basketball thing complicates everything because if the four other women on the court don’t cooperate with you or don’t play a proper style, it can hurt your individual success.

So here’s Caitlin Clark averaging 17-18 points a game, she’s averaging quite a few turnovers, and they’re 1-7. She’s not going to experience the level of individual success she’s used to and team success is really going to be problematic. She’s going to lose a lot of games this year and I think that’s going to wear her out.

The reward for sacrifice and putting up with all the stupidity is ‘well, at least we’re winning, at least I’m having individual success.’ I think she’s going to be denied both and I think of she’s going to be mentally damaged that she’ll never be able to live up to her full potential.

Two years from now, a year from now, three years from now, she might say ‘hey, I’ve had enough of this. I’m going to go do something else.’

Jason Whitlock Reveals His Genius Idea For Caitlin Clark And Her Basketball  Career

It’s not just the Black WNBA players. The lesbian crew, the Diana Taurasi’s, the Sue Bird’s, Breanna Stewart; they’re right them with them in terms of their hatred of Caitlin Clark. Beyond all of that, as an opposing player, I do wanna compete as hard as I can against Caitlin Clark. Just my individual competitive nature and spirit can do that.

I think the strategy that teams are employing to pick her up three-quarters court and as soon as she tries to initiate offense at the top of the key, let’s blitz her, let’s double-team her. I think it’s all great strategy that tears a part that Fever team. Some of the stuff they’re doing is justified.

But all of this complaining, and ‘WE ALL SHOULD GET THE SAME PUBLICITY!’, and ‘ANGEL REESE IS JUST AS BIG A PART OF THIS!’… Everybody can see the hatred, it’s over the top. I just don’t think it’s going to stop and eventually I think it’s going to break her.
I bet if we checked Jemele Hill’s Twitter feed she probably never mentioned the WNBA or probably even women’s college basketball until Caitlin Clark.”

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless explain why the misery of Caitlin Clark’s rookie season will take such a mental toll on the 22-year-old college legend that she’ll quickly get sick of playing against a group of ‘angry feminists and racists’ in the WNBA and just retire.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock compares Clark’s plight to that of Jackie Robinson’s while he integrated baseball’s color barrier in 1947, and says in many ways Clark’s path is even more daunting than Robinson’s.