Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless call out LeBron James for being one of the most ‘narcissistic’, ‘egotistical’, and ‘entitled’ athletes in sports history, as Whitlock blasts LeBron for his shameless pursuits to make sure his son Bronny James, a seldom-used freshman averaging 5 points on a bad USC team, will make the NBA. 

Check out the segment below as Whitlock mocks Bronny as a ‘Make-A-Wish’ sideshow player who is simply climbing the basketball ladder because his father is willing to embarrassingly push him to the front of the line, adding that the Lakers are just as pathetic for entertaining such a charade.

Watch the video below:

Jason Whitlock: “LeBron James is selfish and narcissistic. To live out his own fantasy he’s willing to make his child a prop, and a ‘Make-a-Wish’ kid in the NBA.

I’m about to make you Deion groupies cry, but look at these all-time great narcissistic, ego-driven athletes. Loo at what Deion Sanders has done to the Colorado football program — built it around his two sons, favoring them, promoting them, and running an offense [around them].

These athletes, these ego-maniacal, out of control, delusional athletes that will do anything to pleasure their own egos. ‘EVEN MY SEED BELONGS IN THE NBA! I’m going to allow the Lakers to draft my son, who averaged five points as a freshman at USC — I’m willing to do that.

I’m going to become a free agent, auction myself off to whatever team is willing to put my son on the roster!’

Y’all want to sit around and talk about ‘White privilege’ and a mentality of entitlement? There’s ‘athletic privilege’. Privilege and entitlement knows no skin color, it only knows a mindset. This whole ‘White privilege’ and ‘EVERYBODY WHITE GETS AN ADVANTAGE!’… That’s a fantasy, that’s a lie, that’s a myth, it’s not true.

Entitlement and privilege are not determined by skin color, it’s determined by mentality. We see it in LeBron James, we see it in Deion Sanders, and we think it’s all okay because ‘HEY, THEY’RE BLACK AND THEIR ANCESTORS WERE SLAVES SO THEY DESERVE THAT ENTITLEMENT! I KNOW LEBRON JAMES IS A BILLIONAIRE BUT HIS SONG BELONGS IN THE NBA BECAUSE HE’S OLD AND THOSE ARE REPARATIONS!… Let’s not call it what it is – a ‘narcissist.’ A person pleasuring his own ego.

I’m sure Bronny will love being in the NBA with his dad, but everybody in that league behind his back is going to be calling him a ‘Make-A-Wish’ kid. You know what a ‘Make-A-Wish’ kid is, right?

You ever see college football teams during their spring game? They’ll bring out a little autistic kid or some kid that’s physically compromised and let him score a touchdown. LeBron’s going to do that to his 6’4” perfectly healthy son. His son is mimicking the mentality of his dad and going to go along with that. This is unprecedented.

Michael Jordan had sons who played basketball; he did not manipulate their careers. I think one of them played at Central Florida. We’ve seen a lot of great professional athletes who have sons and they haven’t done what LeBron James is about to do to the NBA.

This is unprecedented. I just can’t blame LeBron, this is on the Lakers too and Jeanie Buss for even offering this up. This is on Adam Silver and the entire league. This is the rejection of merit.


You’re not upset about entitlement and privilege, you just want it color-coded. ‘We get it to have it, they don’t. When they do it it’s racist, when we do it it’s reparations!’ It’s all entitlement, it’s all narcissism, it’s all a lack of humility. It’s arrogance.

You’ve made a billion dollars for being an athlete, you live out a fantasy in a fantasy world virtually every day , but ‘You know what I need? I need my son in the NBA too! I know he doesn’t deserve it, but I need him there too!’… It’s embarrassing, and it’s embarrassing what the Lakers are doing.

LeBron is running around like he’s some media executive, like ‘The Shop’ is some sort of great talk show. He gets to live in a bubble. A delusional fantasy filled bubble. I know you LeBron groupies are going to be upset and ‘HOW DARE YOU! JASON JUST HATES BLACK PEOPLE!’…

No, I hate on certain mentalities. I hate on egos run amuck, a lack of humility, a sense of entitlement, and I call it out wherever I see it in sports. ‘I’ve made a billion dollars and have been worshiped for the last two decades by sports fans.

I’m still a victim and someone scribbled the n-word on the back gate of my mansion, and I’m owed something, and you know what I want for being owed something?? I want my son on an NBA roster that he has not earned!’ That’s what the victim mentality does.

So for all the people, ‘OH, WHITLOCK! THERE HE IS ATTACKING ANOTHER BLACK MAN!’… No, I’m attacking entitlement and a victim mentality. When you shake out of the victim mentality, trust me, you’ll never hear me offer a word of complaint about you.”