2024 WNBA Draft

UConn guard Nika Muhl has a hilarious response to being asked who she’s most excited to face in the WNBA

Indiana Fever’s Aliyah Boston and internet celebrity Hannah O’Flynn were interviewing draftees for the WNBA Orange Carpet when UConn guard Nika Muhl came by. O’Flynn decided to ask Muhl if there were any players she was excited to go up against once she started playing in the pros and the draftee had a hilarious response.

Instead of naming one of her idols, a current WNBA star or another prospect entering the draft, she wordlessly turned her gaze toward Aliyah Boston. There was no tension whatsoever between the two as they quickly broke into a laugh with O’Flynn enthusiastically chanting “beef! beef! beef!” next to them.

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Nika Muhl then went on to explain why she decided to stare down Boston as a response to the question. The UConn guard recalled that during her first year in college, Boston, who was a junior at South Carolina blocked her shot and sent it all the way into the stands.

Afterward, Muhl also shared that she was looking forward to seeing Diana Taurasi of the Phoenix Mercury.

Nika Muhl is projected to be a late first to an early second-round pick

Nika Muhl is one of the UConn players entering the WNBA through the 2024 Draft. She isn’t projected to go as high as her college teammate Aaliyah Edwards, who is expected to be drafted in the middle of the first but Muhl is an interesting prospect.

The UConn guard was a starter in every single game from her junior all the way to her senior year. She was not much of a scorer but she contributed to the team in other ways.

She averaged 5.2 assists in her four years in college, with her best year coming in her junior year where she averaged 7.9 dimes per contest. She followed it up with 6.5 assists per game in her final year.

Muhl’s perimeter defense is her best asset which also showed up in the numbers. She averaged 1.4 steals per game in college and was a tough player to get past. Aside from her defense and playmaking, she could also develop into a fantastic shooter based on her college numbers (36.2% from three).

If she gets drafted in the first round, she is expected to go as high as number 11. A pick that belongs to the New York Liberty. Her lowest projection is to be taken at number two in the second round.