Revealed his interest in the women’s basketball.

Clark and Reese

As college basketball takes center stage in America, Shaquille O’Neal reveals his fervent interest in the women’s tournament, emphasizing its allure over the men’s competition.

O’Neal commends standout performances from prominent players in the women’s game, amplifying the excitement surrounding the upcoming Final Four matchups.

O’Neal even shouted out some of the biggest names in women’s college basketball, noting that they all put on impressive performances in the biggest games of the season.

“Well the boys suck so I’m not following, but I’ve definitely been following the girls,” O’Neal told “The Big Podcast.”

“It was kind of like an epiphany. Last week was the first time I watched all girls’ games.

“I’ve never done it before, ever, but last week…it was crazy.

“JuJu Watkins, Caitlin [Clark], my girl Angel Reese. They’re just killing it. I don’t think I even know any men’s [players].”

Much-anticipated clashes

With teams sucha as Clark’s Iowa and UConn led by Paige Bueckers set to clash, anticipation for the women’s tournament reaches new heights. Impressed by her performances, O’Neil had hailed Clark in the past.

“She’s incredible,” O’Neal said last month.

“Congratulations to her and her family. The greatest thing is I’m just seeing her last year when they played LSU. She’s phenomenal. I’m gonna go on the record and say she’s the best female collegiate player ever.”

O’Neal’s endorsement echoes a surge in viewership, exemplified by a record-breaking 12.3 million fans tuning into the recent LSU-Iowa showdown.

This surge suggests a growing appreciation for women’s college basketball, with expectations high for continued viewer engagement during the Final Four and championship games.